Laminate Flooring Fort Wayne, IN

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made of several layers pressed together under extreme heat and pressure: the base, the core, the decorative layer, and the wear layer. The decorative layer is a high-resolution photograph of material that the flooring is meant to replicate. This can be an image of hardwood, natural stone, ceramic tile, and much more! Laminate offers the possibility of a less-expensive floor while offering the appearance of a more-expensive option.

Laminate flooring’s wear layer is composed of a plastic resin combined with aluminum oxide, a metal that is only second in hardness to diamond. This makes the laminate resistant to pets, children, and high heels. Some wear layers also feature a textured surface. Less-expensive options use a textured metal plate to stamp the pattern into the wear layer. Higher-end flooring uses computers to provide registered embossing; creating a texture that matches the pattern on the image layer of the flooring. This gives a more realistic look and feel to the laminate, offering a closer substitute for the real thing.

The core layer of laminate flooring is made of fiberboard normally ranging from 7mm-12mm in thickness. This fiberboard is composed of recycled wood fibers that would otherwise be burned or buried in a landfill. This layer is very dense and has been saturated in resin for increased durability and water resistance. The core layer lies on top of the base melamine resin layer, which adds additional moisture protection and stability.

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