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Outdoor Flooring

Best Floors For Outdoor Space

Outdoor Flooring

While designing the perfect patio, deck or porch can be a lot of fun; there is one element

that cannot be ignored:  the floor.  Choosing the

right flooring for that all-important outdoor

space is crucial to making it the kind of comfortable getaway space everyone can enjoy. 



Consider These Important Factors:



With so many options for outdoor flooring, it can be challenging to find the perfect fit. Consider the following when shopping for outdoor flooring: 



•    Weather conditions: not every flooring option is created equal. Consider weather conditions in your area to choose the most durable and problem free flooring you can. For instance, tile is very slip resistant and is an excellent choice for rainy regions, while concrete may be a better option for warmer climates rather than colder ones since freezing temperatures can cause cracking.   Wood can withstand all sorts of weather, but does tend to break down faster than natural stone or brick.  Outdoor carpeting may be waterproof and mold resistant these days, but installing it in an area prone to a lot of rain, snow, and sleet could cause the fibers to break down more quickly than installing it somewhere warmer and drier.



•    How will you use the space: are you looking for flooring for a patio, porch or pool area?  Is it a high traffic area? Must it withstand a lot of abuse? These are all things to consider when choosing your floors. 



•    Maintenance: every flooring option requires a different type of maintenance. If you want to avoid much maintenance once it is installed, opt for natural stone, brick, tile or even concrete floor. All of these require minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned. 



•    Style:  you know what look you are after for this special outdoor floor space. Consider style, color, and texture when deciding on your outdoor flooring. Brick offers old world appeal; while concrete gives a modern vibe to space.  Wood is comforting, and tile is classy. 



•    Price & Installation: ranging from 50 cents a square foot to $20 or more a square foot, your flooring options can vary in price and installation costs.  When deciding between floors, be sure to consider how much the initial product cost plus installation fees. 



Choosing a floor for your outdoor space does depend on what you want the area to look like and how you will use it.  Many families opt for wood or carpeting in porch and deck spaces for convenience, comfort and price; while others may be looking for a particular style. In that case, mosaic tiles, irregular shaped stone or even polished, stamped and stained concrete may offer the distinct look being sought. All beautiful and all perfectly fine options for flooring for outdoor space, think about how stone, tile, carpet, wood decking, concrete slabs or even bricks may enhance your living area and give you the kind of outdoor flooring you want.


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