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Cork Flooring Fort Wayne. IN

What is Cork Flooring?


Cork flooring is a relatively new type of flooring that is attractive to many for its unique appearance and many benefits. Cork is made from the harvested bark of a cork tree and is not harmful to the trees, making cork an environmentally friendly flooring solution. Its porous structure makes it ideal for flooring because is it soft underfoot, sound-proof, and is a good insulator.

Cork’s cellular structure allows it to absorb sound and vibrations, which make it a great floor for rooms that need to be soundproofed such as entertainment rooms, recording studios, and other places that would produce high volumes of sound.

Cork’s cellular structure also makes it slightly elastic. Dropped objects will receive a smaller impact from the soft floor and are less likely to damage the floor, and fragile objects are less likely to break. Dents in the floor from heels, furniture, or other objects will recover fully or partially depending on the weight of the object and the length of time it spent in one place.

Millions of air pockets in the floor’s structure make cork an excellent insulator. This can save on heating and air conditioning costs, plus the floor maintains a comfortable temperature; never too hot or too cold.

Suberin, which is a waxy natural substance in cork, makes the floor fire resistant and actually repels insects, mildew, and mold.

If you are interested in cork flooring for your home, visit Carpet One Floor & Home in Ft Wayne, IN to see some samples and learn more about this exotic floor.


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