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Hardwood Maintenance

Tips for Hardwood Maintenance

Tips for Hardwood Maintenance

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors transform any room with their natural beauty. If you give them the proper care and maintenance, they can last for many, many years. Here’s a list of do’s and don'ts when it comes to hardwood care.


The Do’s


- Be sure to vacuum your floor with a soft-bristled attachment.


- This will avoid scratching the wood’s surface and prevent particle buildup.


- Use protective window treatments to reduce and block out the sun’s UV rays that cause wood floors to fade.


- It’s important to note that most wood types will slowly age when uncovered, so be sure to rearrange the furniture and rugs for even aging. 


- To prevent damage to your wood floors, keep pets nails trimmed. Use a humidifier during the winter season to help reduce wood shrinkage. Check humidity levels. They should range from 35 to 55 percent. And if you need to remove a hard substance like chewing gum, use ice to harden it first and then gently scrape it off with something like a credit card. 


- Invest in protective pads and quality floor mats for an extra layer of protection. Place floor mats in high-traffic areas and in front of kitchen sinks and vanities.


The Don’ts


- Avoid walking on your hardwood floors with spiked shoes, and don’t wet mop with water or other liquids. This includes liquid wax, oil soaps and household products containing silicon and tung oil. 


- Stay away from scouring powders and cleaning aide like steel wool pads. 


- Do not use cleaners that contain urethane polish or acrylics. 


- The do’s and don’ts of hardwood maintenance are pretty straightforward and easy to implement.


Follow these golden rules, and your hardwood floors will look great and perform well. If you don’t, you just may wind up with warped wood, scratches, and a dull appearance.




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