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Tile Flooring in Fort Wayne, IN


Truly timeless, tile has been steadily gracing the floors, walls, and ceilings of indoor and outdoor gathering spots for centuries. With thousands of tile options available today, tile remains eternally intriguing. Appealing to home and business owners wanting to adorn their spaces with unparalleled color, texture, and endurance, tile is a smart and stylish choice.


At Carpet One Floor & Home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we take pride in our impressive tile collection - including lovely selections from popular brands. Are you leaning towards tile as you plan your next home improvement project? Here are some basic things you should know.


What Are the Different Types of Tile?

Modern-day tile presents many, many different options, although some things never change: ceramic, porcelain, and stone remain the most frequently utilized materials in the tile manufacturing industry. The major tile types are ceramic, porcelain, and stone.


Ceramic tiles are formed using natural clay and minerals, for a sturdy tile that can endure the constant presence of passing footsteps. they are lightweight and versatile making them great for wall and decorative projects as well!


Porcelain tiles are formed similarly: the difference is that they get finished at higher temperatures in the kiln. The result is a denser tile that works well in both indoor and even outdoor spaces. Porcelain offers greater water and foot-traffic resistance than ceramic, as well as unparalleled design versatility.


Stone tiles are made out of real rock, including marble, slate, and granite. Stone tiles are more wear-resistant and stronger than glazed tile, and their surface texture helps to make them slip-resistant. Honed natural stone (has an unpolished, flat surface) gives you traction when your floors get wet. You can also get sandblasted natural stone. Marble tiles come in many colors and are a highly durable choice for your bathroom floor. Quartzite tile is made from metamorphic rock and has an elegant, natural appearance. Stone tiles can be used for indoor and outdoor settings.


What is Wood Look Tile?

Wood flooring is beautiful, but finicky. Moisture makes it near impossible to enjoy hardwood in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen. Wouldn't it be incredible if there was a wood look flooring option that could? Well, there is!


Wood-look tile is manufactured using 3D printing to imitate the look and feel of real wood. This gives you the beauty of wood flooring with all the benefits of tile, such as low maintenance and water resistance. Now you can enjoy the look of wood in your most moisture-prone rooms without worry!


Tile for Your Walls

Did you know that tile can be used on walls too? Not just floors! With lightweight tile options, you can easily install it vertically for a stylish backsplash or custom-tiled shower or tub. This is a great way to protect your walls from spills, splashes, and splatters that can cause permanent damage from everyday activities in your kitchen or bathroom.


Where Can Tile Be Installed?


Easy Tile Care!

Cleaning and maintenance of a tile floor are required just as is any floor. Here are some of our tips and tricks:


Tile in Fort Wayne, IN

As a locally owned and operated member of the nation’s largest cooperative of independently owned flooring stores, Carpet One Floor & Home in Fort Wayne can offer our customers the buying power of over a thousand stores. That means we’re your local authority on all things tile, including flooring and backsplash services. We carry a top selection of tile brands and offer premium tile installation services. Come visit us in-store or start shopping our selection online to learn more!

The Advantages of Tile

There are so many reasons to love tile. Check out this article as we take a deep dive into all the advantages of tile!
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Which Tile Is Right for Me?

Still, aren't sure which tile is right for you? Learn more about the different types of tile and the pros and cons of each.
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